Make Your Marble Surfaces Shine Again

We're Watervliet & Saratoga Springs, NY's marble restoration experts

Has the luster faded from your marble countertops? The wrong cleaning products can strip your marble surfaces of their shine. Everyday wear and tear can also cause scuffs. Luckily, Geovanny Marble & Granite offers marble restoration services in the Watervliet, New York area.

We'll repair any damage and polish your marble surface until it sparkles. Call us today to schedule a marble restoration appointment.

Offering marble and granite kitchen countertop repair

Geovanny Marble & Granite can repair marble and granite:

  • Countertops: We restore cracked countertops.
  • Tabletops: We fix chipped corners.
  • Vanities: We repair cracks in bathroom vanities.

We specialize in creating natural-looking repairs. No one will know there was ever any damage. Schedule your bathroom or kitchen countertop repair appointment today by calling our Watervliet, NY location.